Top 25 Trendy Fashion Blogs You Must Follow in 2022!

Fashion trends come and go, but style is forever. So, instead of chasing trendy fashion, just focus on being yourself and expressing yourself through your attire choices. Remember, you don't dress up for other people – you do it for yourself. And you only need to please yourself with your fashion choice. Just be confident in your own skin, and you will 100% feel more beautiful regardless of whether you're wearing the latest fashion trends or not! Thus, you don't need to worry about the brand. You just need to worry about the style and whether it's a good fit for your personality.

But we can’t all be fashion gurus – yeah, we get it. And that’s why we’ve prepared a list of the top 25 trendy fashion blogs to help you stay on top of fashion trends and get some serious style inspo!

#1 Fashionista

Fashionista is the best source for all things fashion - trends, news, criticisms, and even career advice for aspiring fashionistas. And if there’s a new cute little black dress in town, they’ll be the first ones to let you know! It’s a New York-based blog with over 1.7M, 2.3M, and 586.8K Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram followers. The page hosts around 28 posts per week, and if you love fashion, you are SO going to love this blog!

#2 Who What Wear

Who What Wear is a fashion blog from LA that strives to cover all the latest celebrity styles and runway fashion trends. What’s more, they also provide tips and best practice recommendations from fashion and beauty gurus, as well as shopping suggestions. So, for those of hate window shopping, this is the ultimate platform for original, premium style. Plus, they have millions of followers on their social media and post around 4 times a day, and that really speaks for itself! Hence, all you fashion freaks definitely need to check out Who What Wear for trendy fashion suggestions.

#3 Refinery29

The Refinery is yet another US-based blog focused on modern women’s fashion, and you can find all sorts of fashion trends right here. Thus, if you need styling or beauty tips, then this is the blog for you! They always have the latest on all the sexy black ruched mini dresses in the fashion industry. And they post 5 times a week, so you can get your daily dose of fashion from Refinery29.

#4 Marie Claire

Marie Clair is a UK fashion blog for trendy fashion, celebrity gossip, the latest news, and all-rounded fashion, beauty, and shopping recommendations. Also, they post 9 times per week, so you'll have enough information to keep you occupied the whole week. So, if you want to upgrade your fashion sense, you definitely need to subscribe to Marie Claire!

#5 Teen Vogue - Fashion

Teen Vogue is another popular fashion blog with all the latest fashion trends, runway styles, and loads of other style inspo! So, whether you need to know how to set your back-to-school wardrobe or how to style a certain type of dress for parties – you will find it all in one place – Teen Vogue. What's more, they have 5.6M, 3.3M, and 2.9M followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, so you just know they’re good! You can get your complete guide to teen fashion from here, so make sure you subscribe for the latest updates.

#6 The Daileigh

Ashleigh Hutchinson from The Daileigh is committed to helping her audience build the perfect closet. She also wants to break the stereotype that certain fashions are meant to be worn by women of a specific age range, and thus, she continually urges that age is just a number. Her blog is mainly focused on helping you make better style choices using the clothes you already have. Hence, you should definitely give her a follow!

#7 The Fashion Guitar

London’s Fashion Beans is a major fashion inspiration point for men. It has everything from grooming tips, style suggestions, trendy fashion, the latest hairstyles, and even street-style fashion photography for men. All in all, this online publication is set to cover every possible aspect of fashion for the modern man. So, if you’re a man who wants to upgrade his style, this is the best place to start!

#8 Harper & Harley

If you love minimalistic fashion, then Sara Crampton’s blog Harper & Harley is just what you need! All her content is based on the 'less is more' concept, and she strives to provide classic and timeless styling tips for her audience. So much so, she can even show you how to style a simple black short dress to win hearts! So, her blogs are truly worth a read – you’ll love ‘em – we promise!

#9 In the Frow

In the Frow is actually run by a doctor named Victoria Magrath, who holds a postgraduate degree in Fashion Marketing – so she definitely knows what she's talking about! She's even received several awards, like Glamour's Woman of the Year and the Best UK Fashion Blog (2018). Hence, no matter your style preference, this is the blog to follow if you want to keep up with the latest fashion trends.

#10 The Fashion Spot | Fashion Trends, Styles, Celebrity Fashion, and Beauty

The Fashion Spot from New York has established itself as an authentic online community of stylists, designers, and industry influencers. Therefore, it is the most reliable source for trendy fashion, runway reviews, beauty trends, celebrity style and fashion, and all sorts of interesting stuff! And they post only 4 times weekly but still have 1.7M followers on Facebook – like, does it get any better than this?

No, it doesn’t! So, follow The Fashion Spot to stay in the loop about all things fashion and style.

#11 Fashion Bomb Daily

Fashion Bomb Daily is the ultimate fashion blog for runway reviews, fashion trends, celebrity style inspirations, and even multi-cultural style tips. It especially caters to people of color, so if you’re a woman of color, there’s no better place for you to catch up on the latest fashion than The Fashion Daily.

#12 Glamazon Diaries

Glamazon Diaries is all about fashion, beauty, wellness, lifestyle, travel, and even wedding advice! Plus, it also focuses on promoting the positive body image movement. Not to mention, most, if not all, of the fashion and styling tips on there are well-suited for when you’re on a budget. Also, they’re always on top of all the latest trends, so this should definitely be your go-to for all things fashion! And come on, do you even need another reason to follow Glamazon Diaries?

#13 Sincerely Jules

Sincerely Jules is your go-to for outfit ideas and general style inspo – from styling everyday clothes to wardrobe essentials and much more! The blog is run by Julie Sariana, and if anything, she definitely has an eye for style. Sincerely Jules is a cut and sew brand that offers modish, high-quality clothes for its audience. Hence, head on over here for quality content only because they post just once per week, and every post is special, which means no spam!

#14 FASHION Magazine

Fashion Magazine from Canada is dedicated to bringing the latest international fashion to Canada. And their team of diverse journalists and contributors is always traveling, so they have the best scoop without question! Join their 1.6M followers on Facebook to stay updated with the latest in the fashion world and find the perfect black mini dress to complement your style!

#15 College Fashion

If you’re a college student looking for style inspiration, then the Boston-based blog College Fashion is your #1 style guide. It’s entirely run and maintained by college students and features the latest in beauty, décor, lifestyle, style, and all things fab. Take their advice and you’ll even be able to rock black dress shorts for women like a PRO! So, if you want to stay stylish in college, you should surely check out this blog!

#16 Coveteur

Coveteur is another Canadian project that delivers the best lifestyle, culture, and global street-style fashion tips – all in one place. They post twice a day, so you’ll never be bored. Hence, we suggest following them immediately to stay updated about the most recent fashion trends.

#17 What Kate Wore

Kate Middleton is practically a style icon, and thus, it only makes sense to follow What Kate Wore. It’s the perfect source for fashion writers, trend watchers, and fans to follow the Duchess of Cambridge, aka Kate Middleton’s fashion choice, and maybe even get some inspiration for their own wardrobe.

#18 Tokyo Fashion

Tokyo Fashion is a Harajuku-based Japanese online magazine that strives to cover all the recent street fashion and style tips for fashionistas around the world. So, if you need a little exotic style inspo, then you should most definitely head over to their online blog, where they post only once a week with a stringent focus on quality!

#19 Corporette

Corporette is New York's leading fashion blog for working women seeking minimalistic styling options. So, whether you're a lawyer, banker, consultant, or just a boss babe, Corporette is your solution to looking both professional and stylish. And they post 15 times weekly, so you never have to miss out on any trendy fashions! Just check them out.

#20 Damsel in Dior

Yes, LA-based Damsel in Dior is just as cool as it sounds. It was founded by Jacey Duprie as a means to offer a space for the fashion community to provide advice, tips, and tools, so you never have to be a damsel in distress when picking out an outfit. Hence, if you need style inspiration, then this is the ultimate place for you!

#21 Fabulous After 40

Who said fashion was only for youngsters? No siree!

Because Fabulous After 40 is really shaking up the fashion industry for women 40 and above. The brain behind the project, Deborah Boland, is an image consultant and fashion expert who strives to drastically transform fashion choices for women over 40. Also, she posts only 10 times per month on average, so no spam at all! So, if you’re 40 or above, you absolutely need to check out this blog!

#22 Vintage Fashion Guild

Vintage Fashion Guild is an international NPO working for education as well as the promotion and preservation of vintage fashion. So, if you have a thing for vintage style, you most definitely need to follow the Vintage Fashion Guild!

#23 Irene's Closet

Irene's Closet is the ultimate professional fashion blog that actually has a little more than just style tips to offer its audience. Irene Colzi hails from Florence, Italy, and has been running Irene's Closet since 2009. She uses this space to express her passion for writing, communication, and fashion. So, if you want to upgrade your style, you must check out her content.

#24 Mia Mia Mine

Mia Mia Mine is owned by a former stock analyst, and this is really reflected in the content. Maria Vizuete gives advice not just on trendy fashion but also on what fashion investments are actually worth the splurge. Her target is also the working woman who wants to know more about when to thrift and when to splurge. And if that's something that resonates with you, go ahead and follow her blog – you know you want to!

#25 Girl With Curves

When we talk about fashion, it wouldn't be right to only consider model-esque body types. Because real-life men and women don't have photoshopped bodies – they have real bodies. And that's exactly what the Girl with Curves strives for! She wants to make fashion more inclusive and open to represent actual people who come in all sorts of sizes. In her own words, Tanesha Awasthi describes her blog as an "award-winning blog made possible by people who believe women deserve to look and feel beautiful, regardless of weight, shape, and size."

Therefore, this is definitely our favorite plus-sized blog for the latest fashion scoop!

The Bottomline

Fashion trends are great, but it is still important to remember that trendy fashion is not everything. You don’t need to look a certain way to look beautiful because beauty doesn’t come from looks – it really does go deeper than the surface! So, for all of you fashionistas out there, look for the latest style tips and explore all the trendy options. But at the end of the day, do what feels right to you! Wear what makes you comfortable and focus on self-expression rather than replicating a celeb’s looks. Ditch the brands and embrace your own unique style – and be unapologetically you!